Friday, August 26, 2016

4th annual west coast sketch crawl

Our fearless leaders: Kate, Mark, Frances, Rom and Darcie
    Last weekend was the Tacoma Urban Sketcher's event in hosting the 4th annual west coast sketch crawl. 5 local facilitators did all the planning and organizing to bring together more than 150 urban sketchers all along the west coast from Canada to Arizona. They were accompanied by thier red shirt volunteers.
Saturday morning's session group picture.

Doing my best Vanna White... in red!
   The weekend began friday night with a nice dinner at Picasso's where we all got to do a "meet and greet" followed by raffle ticket prizes of which I was assigned to be the ticket taker girl for the night... a great way to meet all our visitors. It was nothing but smiles the whole night through... and that was before we gave away any prizes.
Saturday's 2nd session group photo.
Although it was a toasty 90+ degrees on Saturday, the sketchers took to drawing just after registration and a short briefing which began at 8 am. I arrived in my "volunteer red" and gave away swag bags for all those that showed up for the event that morning before enjoying the opportunity to draw. One of the facilitators made the volunteers small sketchbooks which were the perfect size for squeezing in a quick sketch between tasks. Sunday was much cooler to everyone's surprise and Gabriel Campanario, the founder of Urban Sketchers, came to join us joined us as well.
Sunday morning's session group photo.

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